Why Cheap Wedding Invitations Don’t Have to be Poor Quality Products

There is a common misconception that is evident when creating and sending wedding invitations.

For many couples young and old alike, they will draw a direct parallel between the cost of the project and the quality of the final product.

This is a fact not only of the wedding business but the commercial industry at large.

Yet time and time again, men and women are able to craft beautifully designed cards that offer just as much elegance and love that the high-end producers can offer their clientele.

With average invitation packages selling for upwards of $500-$600, we will outline how that figure can be cut down drastically without having to make a compromise on the quality of the cards.


Digital Templates Are Free To Use

Although there are many software packages and online outlets that will offer digital templates for wedding invitations at a cost, there are just as many others that will produce formats that are free to download. They can be used directly as the perfect backdrop or there can be picking and choosing for templates that are used for inspiration. The themes are seemingly endless, empowering the creators to embrace their creativity and use aesthetically pleasing designs that won’t cost extravagant sums. This will include floral designs, modern, traditional, destination themed, watercolour, seasonal, cultural and beyond. Digitisation also opens up possibilities for saving on courier and transport costs, allowing couples to send their invitations via email and social media to remove the postage and stamp fees.


Written Text & Formatting is Simple

wedding cards

The phrase ‘less is more’ feels like it was designed specifically for those who are designing wedding invitations. These products only need to include the essential details, with anything else including only adding to the printing and design costs.

This should include:

  • Name of bride and groom (or brides and grooms)
  • The request to come to the event
  • Name of the host/hosts
  • Location
  • Date and time
  • Dress code
  • Reception details
  • How to RSVP

Space comes at a premium in this context, so couples should be aware that no more additional information needs to be included. This will allow the designers to stick to an optimal format and ensure that any other information can be directed to a website or social media page where necessary.


Recyclable Paper is a Cost Effective Material

While there will be far more glossier high-end paper materials available for a pretty penny when designing wedding invitations, recyclable paper offers the most cost effective solution for couples. Not only is this beneficial from an environmental perspective, but it offers the chance to utilise a rustic material that can be shaped and coloured to match the tone of the project. There is no compromise on the aesthetic appeal while gaining a unique tangible feel for the paper itself.


Seasonal Deals Are Available

If creating wedding invitations from scratch sounds like too much of an endeavour, there will be seasonal deals that outlets will offer couples to help them manage their budget well. They will often be handed out during down periods for wedding operators and printers alike, sending these packages out during the autumn and winter months for local residents.


If there are couples who are stressing about the costs of their wedding specifically for creating and sending their invitations, they should take note of these key strategies that will help them to keep cash in their back pocket. From the accommodation and catering to acquiring the right dresses and suits to all of the other prices that will be packaged into the big event, there is no reason to spend big on the invitations themselves. The good news is that wedding invitations can be crafted with the same level of quality, ensuring that there is no compromise made as the nuptials are made official to friends and family members.